Learning To Fly with Chb Aero club

Age limit

There is no age limit to begin learning to fly; however you must be 16 to be able to fly solo.

Medical Certificate

Before going solo you must pass a medical examination by an approved aviation doctor.  This needs to be done soon after you start your training as it is frustrating being ready to go solo and having to wait for a medical certificate to arrive.  Also if there is a medical problem that will prevent you from holding a pilot’s licence, the sooner you find out the better.

Going solo

At between 7 and 15 hours training, (depending on individual aptitude), you will be able to fly solo.  This is a special event in the training of all pilots and your instructor will ensure that you are well trained and ready for this important step.

Private Pilot Licence Test

Following solo, the training will continue until at around 50 to 60 hours you will be able to sit your Private Pilot’s Licence flight test.  Having passed this test, you will be able to take passengers, be they family or friends, flying with you, and you will be able to take them virtually anywhere in New Zealand.

How long does it take to get my licence?

There is no set time frame in which to complete your licence.  Some people may have the money saved and do it over a short time, say 6 months.  The majority however, may take up to three years so as to spread the costs.


During your training you will be required to sit and pass six theory exams to increase your knowledge of flying principles, weather, navigation, aviation law, radio-telephone procedures and human factors.  These exams are not difficult and would rate difficulty wise, with the old school certificate exams.

Microlite Flight Training

Microlite flying is a slightly cheaper alternative for those wanting to fly.
CHB Aeroclub operates a Rans S6 microlite.
The medical requirements are simpler, in that a medical can be obtained from your own family GP and is along the lines of a driving licence medical.

Training is very similar to doing a PPL(private pilot licence) except that the cross country requirements are slightly less. There are 6 theory exams that need to be passed that are similar to the PPL exams.

There are 2 national microlite bodies, and a microlite pilot needs to belong to either one or the other. RAANZ (Recreational Aircraft Association of New Zealand) and SAC (Sport Aviation Corp). There is little difference between the two except that to be a member of RAANZ, one needs to also be a member of an affiliated microlite club. CHB Aero club is one of these. Ross Macdonald is a senior instructor holds an ATO for both RAANZ and SAC so the choice is up to the individual.

At the conclusion of training at 45 hours minimum and passing a flight test, a microlite certificate is issued which allows the holder to pilot all types of microlite aircraft.(with appropriate type rating)

At any stage of training, if the pilot wishes to change to PPL training, half of the pilot in command time logged in the preceding 12 months, up to a maximum of 10 hours, may be cross credited to the PPL syllabus.

For more info, check out the microlite websites in the links or contact Ross Macdonald.

Need more information regarding learning to fly?

Please phone Ross Macdonald, Chief Flying Instructor